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We Built Our Reputation On Skilled Commercial Bankruptcy Representation

“Bankruptcy is for the honest but unfortunate debtor.” Our entire system of bankruptcy laws is based on this maxim. We believe that a company seeking to reorganize should focus at least as much on maintaining relationships in an open and honest effort to confirm a plan of reorganization as the company does in taking advantage of the full spectrum of relief possible in a bankruptcy case. The goal is not for a company to stay in bankruptcy but to emerge as a healthier version of itself, with its goodwill intact.

The Experienced Guidance You Deserve In Commercial Bankruptcy

With the right guidance, a company can navigate the complex series of federal and state laws that make up our bankruptcy system in a way that preserves customer and vendor relationships, employees and contracts. Without experienced and knowledgeable advice, the bankruptcy laws are full of pitfalls waiting to trap the unwary. Our attorneys provide guidance when it is needed most, allowing troubled companies to emerge from bankruptcies with the fresh start Congress intended.

When representing creditors, we are very experienced in rooting out fraud, recovering assets and defending against the many claims that can be brought against a creditor by debtors, trustees or even other creditors. This includes preference claims, fraudulent transfer claims, subordination actions, lien disputes, claim priority disputes or any of the myriad lawsuits brought in a bankruptcy case.

Macey, Wilensky & Hennings, LLP, is one of the most respected firms in the Southeast that represents clients in matters of commercial bankruptcy cases. Our attorneys represent business debtors, trustees, creditors and committees.

Bankruptcy Requires A Global Understanding Of Commercial Law

The bankruptcy court is a microcosm of all other aspects of commercial law. An individual or corporation arrives in the bankruptcy court with its own assortment of issues. Contracts, lien rights, employment disputes, collections and franchise issues, to name a few, are all part of the competing claims asserted in a typical bankruptcy case.

As part of resolving these claims, the Bankruptcy Court often presides over sophisticated litigation. The various rights of both debtors and creditors need to be sorted out and resolved in the most economical manner possible. The ability to do so in a practical, efficient and experienced manner is what gives our attorneys their esteemed reputation.

How Macey, Wilensky & Hennings, LLP, Stands Out

Since 1947, Macey, Wilensky & Hennings, LLP, has been involved in not only the bankruptcy practice, but also in the following ways:

  • We are involved in the creation of the laws impacting bankruptcy and commercial transactions themselves.
  • Members of our firm have served on committees dedicated to writing the laws that govern reorganizations and associated litigation.
  • Our firm has placed more of its attorneys on the bench as judges than any other law firm in the Southeast.
  • Attorney Todd E. Hennings is a bankruptcy trustee, possessing broad experience in the bankruptcy process and the stamp of approval of the United States Trustee’s Office and the Department of Justice, who regularly assign Mr. Hennings to difficult and complex cases.

Macey, Wilensky & Hennings, LLP, simply has no peer when it comes to the firm’s pedigree, history and depth of knowledge. Other firms can only promise what we deliver for each of our clients every day. Whether the bankruptcy case involves businesses, individuals or complex litigation our clients receive the guidance they need when they most need it, from attorneys who know how to deliver results.

Experienced. Reputable. Capable.

We make providing professional, comprehensive advice in bankruptcy our central promise. These are complicated matters, but we have the experience to make an impact on your situation. Contact our Atlanta, Georgia, firm by calling 404-584-1234 or using this email form.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.